Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saving money on office space rent!

Today more than ever before tenants have the opportunity to save money on there office space rent.

For almost 25 years our firm has studied the office market nationally and we have the highest vacancies and most subleases in this time period.

What does this mean to a tenant? If you have two years or under remaining on your lease now is the time to review it and see what your paying compared to the market.

We have saved our clients from 10-20% in the last eighteen months.

The first ones in get the best terms and conditions, not just on rent but also on containing operating expenses, getting higher build out allowances and other incentives such as moving allowances, IT allowances, etc.

Most firms unfortunately don’t keep track of the deadlines in there lease and come to us after they are on a month to month or holdover provision.

Proper planning saves time , money and will improve your bottom line!

Don’t delay look at your lease today.

We will do a no cost review of your lease and let you know in 48 hours if savings can be met!